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Great Lakes Growers products are fresh, delicious, nutritious and in-season all year long! Whether you’re looking for information on our living lettuces or you’re curious about the our impressive line of fresh herbs, you’ve come to the right place. 

Living Lettuce

Living Lettuce (Packaged)


Salad Trio Living Lettuce

Our Salad Trio contains three (3) types of lettuce on a single root: Red Frisee, Green Oak and our special Icicle Lettuce (a hybrid of iceberg & leaf lettuce). Packaged in recyclable plastic bags to reduce waste.

Living Green Butter Lettuce

Salanova® Living Sweet Green Frisee Lettuce

Salanova® Living Green Oakleaf Lettuce

Salanova® Living Red Butter Lettuce

Salanova® Living Sweet Red Frisee Lettuce

Salanova® Living Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Living Lettuce (Naked)

Naked Living Lettuces include Green Butter, Red Butter, Green Frisee and Red Frisee

Fresh Cut Lettuce

Crunchita – 5 oz

Watercress – 4 oz

Supreme Greens

Butter Lettuce – 5 oz

Sweet Crispy Crunch – 5 oz

Mediterranean Mix – 5oz

Icicle – 5oz

Baby Arugula – 4 oz

Baby Spinach – 4 oz

Spinach / Arugula – 4 oz

Fusion Salads

Dill Fusion Salad – 5 oz

Watercress Fusion Salad – 5 oz

Taco (Chives & Cilantro) Fusion Salad – 5 oz

Microgreen Fusion Salad – 5 oz

Fresh Cut Herbs

Basil – 3/4 oz 

Bay Leaves – 2/3 oz

Chives – 3/4 oz

Cilantro – 2/3 oz

Dill – 2/3 oz

Lemongrass – 2/3 oz 

Marjoram – 2/3 oz

Mint – 3/4 oz

Oregano – 2/3 oz

Rosemary – 3/4 oz

Sage – 2/3 oz

Tarragon – 2/3 oz

Thyme 2/3 oz

Living Herbs