“Feel Good” 4-Packs (Home Delivery)


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Do the holiday’s “weigh” you down? We we’ve got just the thing to kick off the New Year and help you feel like yourself again. Our “Feel Good” 4-Packs combo actually sends four (4) different fresh cut lettuce / herb varieties each week for the month of January. Here’s a list of the containers we’ll be sending you during the month of January.

  • Week of January 4th: Butter Lettuce, Mediterranean Mix, Fusion Dill, Arugula
  • Week of January 11th: Sweet Crispy Crunch, Icicle Lettuce, Fusion Microgreens, Watercress
  • Week of January 21st: Mediterranean Mix, Butter Lettuce, Fusion Taco, Spinach
  • Week of January 28th: Sweet Crispy Crunch, Icicle Lettuce, Fusion Watercress, Spinach/Arugula

This four (4) week home delivery subscription makes a perfect gift to someone who wants to try Great Lakes Growers OR you can just show yourself some love and order it for yourself. Each delivery ships through UPS Ground.

*If you keep these fresh cut salads refrigerated, you can expect 2-weeks of shelf life on all of our products