Premium Greenhouse-Grown Lettuce & Herbs

We Grow & Package EVERYTHING From Our State-Of-The-Art Hydroponic Greenhouse Located In Burton, Ohio & Offer The Best Shelf-Life In The Industry!

Greenhouse Grown Lettuce & Herbs

We Provide A Full-Line Of Fresh Cut & Living Lettuces Available At Grocery Stores Across The Midwest Under Our Brand Name As Well As Private Label

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Reliable Produce All Year Round

Because We Grow Year-Round, We’re Able To Ship Our Produce To Restaurants Daily. This Means Fresh Produce All Year With Industry Leading Shelf-Life.

Experience The Great Lakes Growers Difference

Great Lakes Growers is the Midwest’s premier hydroponic grower of fresh, delicious, clean and nutrition-packed lettuces and herbs. We grow everything in our state-of-the art greenhouse using water, not soil. Why? Simply put, we believe the quality of hydroponically grown produce is superior.

Because our plants get the optimal amount of water and nutrients, they grow with more consistency and better quality while preserving resources — in a shorter amount of time. And because we grow in a climate-controlled facility, everything is in season all year long. Finally, because our produce comes from Ohio instead of being shipped from the Southwest U.S. or Mexico, it’s unbelievably fresh and tasty when it gets to your fork.

John Bonner – CEO / Co-Founder / Head Grower

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John’s roots as a grower run deep. He grew up on the family farm in Burton, Ohio among 30 acres of corn, soybeans and greenhouses. His grandfather started Burton Floral and Garden, the Midwest’s largest horticultural supply distributor. John’s father worked there, eventually forming Dillen Products and growing it into a top supplier of plastic containers for the plant industry.

Growing up around these companies, John learned the ins and outs of the industry. Bolstering that knowledge with a B.A. in Business Administration, he successfully ran the family greenhouse operation for six years. In 2008, Greenhouse Grower magazine called him “one to watch” for his progressive approach to production and sustainable energy. Crain’s Cleveland Business followed suit, including John and his sister in their 2009 “40 Under 40” class.

In 2011, John left the family greenhouse to start a new kind of hydroponic growing operation. With wheelbarrow loads of hard work and innovative thinking, the Great Lakes Growers company we know and love today was born.

Why Choose Great Lakes Growers

great lakes growers leaf Greenhouse Grown In The Midwest

The vast majority of lettuce consumed in the United States is grown (and shipped) from the Southwest U.S. or Mexico. We grow 100% of our produce in our Ohio greenhouse and because it is shipped the SAME DAY it’s harvested, our customers get the freshest
lettuces and herbs available in the market.

great lakes growers leaf Industry Leading Food Safety Rating

Great Lakes Growers is 3rd-Party audited annually by PRIMUS Global Food Safety. We’ve maintained a 99% or better food safety score in all facets of production within our greenhouse facility, packing house as well as our employee operating procedures. We take food safety risks like salmonella, E.coli and listeria VERY seriously, so we have implemented systems and redundancies to dramatically
reduce the risk to consumers.

great lakes growers leaf Delivered Clean

There’s absolutely no dirt or soil used in our growing process, which ensures you get the cleanest produce possible. All of our lettuces go through a rigorous 4-step quality control process before it is packaged and our employees follow strict harvesting and packing protocols. Because we do not use chemical pesiticides or herbcides, rinsing the lettuce before consumption is optional.

great lakes growers leaf Environmentally Friendly

We can grow nearly 20 times the amount of produce in the same “space” as traditional field farming, which means our impact on land is substantially reduced. In addition, we recycle 100% of our hydroponic irrigation water, which eliminates runoff to the surrounding tributaries, which results in 90+% less water usage that traditional farming. Our LED lights result in a 30% reduction in energy usage as compared to other growing operations. Finally, because we operate in a state of the art glass greenhouse, our environmental control software systems minimize the use of supplemental energy by maximizing the sun’s energy output further reducing our carbon footprint.

great lakes growers leaf Reliable & Consistent Fulfillment

Because we grow in a fully-enclosed greenhouse, we are not beholden to unexpected changes in weather that would alter crop production. We are never subjected to the same massive produce recalls as other growers because of our extensive food guidelines, state-of-the-art water treatment and employee harvesting and packing protocols. In addition, we deliver with our own fleet of trucks and drivers to 300-mile delivery radius, which ensures we are able to consistently deliver on-time, every time.

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Great Lakes Growers, LLC 
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John Bonner: Owner 
Phone: (440) 834-0032 
Email: bonnerj@greatlakesgrowers.com


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