Food Service

Whether in a delicious salad or used to provide that “little something extra” in a main course dish, we’re proud that our lettuces and herbs are being served by restaurants in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and Indiana. We take pride in knowing that our products are served in over 300 restaurants (and growing) in those five (5) states. 

If you’re in the food service business and looking for a reliable and regional source for fresh lettuces and herbs, you’ve come to the right place.

Food Service Customers

A Few Local Restaurants


Food Service Products

Salad Trio Lettuce – 16/case

Green Butter Lettuce 12/case

Red Butter Lettuce 12/case

Garden Blend Lettuce 18/case

Green Butter Lettuce Clamshells 12/case

Red Butter Lettuce Clamshells 12/case

Crunchita Lettuce 18/case

Mixed Sweet Frisee Lettuce 18/case

Green Leaf Lettuce 12/case

Fresh Cut Lettuce – 1 lb Bag, 10 Bags/case

Upland Cress 12/case

Genovese Basil 1-lb Cut

For more information, please contact John Tutolo at tutoloj@greatlakesgrowers.com