Home Delivery

Fresh Lettuce From Our Greenhouse Delivered Directly To Your Door!

Direct To Your Door!

Getting fresh produce isn’t always easy, but thanks to Great Lakes Growers Home Delivery, you can get fresh lettuce delivered right to your door. What makes our home delivery different? The lettuce and herbs you receive are still living because their ROOTS are still attached! This means the produce you receive is more fresh than anything you will find in your local grocery store!

 How Home Delivery Works

Step 1: Select Your Product – We offer a package of six (6) assorted 5oz lettuce containers that will be shipped to your door.

Step 2: Place Your Order Online – Once your order is placed, we will hold the order until Tuesday*, at which point we will harvest and ship your order the same day!

*We ONLY ship our Home Delivery orders on Tuesday

Step 3: Your Order Gets Delivered – We ship everything UPS Ground, but will ONLY ship to locations we can reach with a 2-Day ground shipment. Orders placed from locations that are further than a standard 2-Day ground shipment will be canceled and all money will be refunded.



  • This is NOT a subscription…place a single order and you have a single delivery.
  • We only ship orders on Tuesday’s, so ALL orders received by 11:59 pm on Monday the night before will be harvested on Tuesday morning and shipped out Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Every order is shipped from our Greenhouse in Burton, Ohio

8-Pack of Living Lettuce (DELIVERED)


Icicle Lettuce (DELIVERED)


Salad Trio Lettuce (DELIVERED)


Crunchita Lettuce (DELIVERED)