Hydroponic Growing

Why do we choose to grow our lettuce and herbs hydroponically in a greenhouse? Scroll down to learn more about it!

Why Hydroponics?

From product consistency to resource conservation to better nutritional value, there are many benefits to growing lettuce and herbs hydroponically. For example, we can grow nearly 20 times the amount of hydroponic produce in the same space as traditional field farming. This means we can grow our lettuces and herbs much closer to heavily populated areas since we do not require all the extra space.

Plus, our climate-controlled greenhouse ensures consistent crop quality, allows the best possible nutritional value and makes fresh, tasty produce available all year round.

Less Water

Hydroponic crops require much less water than the same crops grown in soil – up to 90% less in some cases! Our hydroponic irrigation techniques optimize water usage, giving the plants just what they need while conserving this valuable resource.

No Dirt

There’s absolutely no dirt or soil used in our growing process, which ensures you get the cleanest produce possible. The special porous growing media we use does the job much better, delivering all the nutrition to the plant using water as our media, which keeps it clean!

Less Food Miles

Because hydroponic plants get the perfect amount of nutrients, water and oxygen, they grow 25% faster than they do in traditional soil farming. Because our products are locally grown in our Burton, Ohio greenhouse, our produce has substantially less “food miles” before it arrives on your plate. The fact is 80%-90% of the domestic lettuce supply is grown in California, Arizona, or Mexico!