Curbside Pickup

Want fresh lettuce but don't want to head to the busy grocery store to get it or to learn that it's already sold out? Then try our Curbside Pickup! Every order of our lettuce and herbs is harvested the SAME DAY you arrive to pick it up!

How It Works

Step 1: Pick Your Day To Pickup – Select your LETTUCE order and choose which day you’d like to pickup your lettuce (both Mid-Day and Late-Day pickup times are available). You may THEN add additional items to your cart.

Scroll down to place your order(s). 

Step 2: Place Your Order Online –  Once you’ve added the items to your cart, simply checkout and pay for your order with a credit card.

Step 3: Pickup Your Order – Come to our greenhouse and when you arrive, call 440-834-0032 and give us the name on the order, tell us what car you’re driving and we will bring it out to you!

We Guarantee The Freshness!

We are certain that our Curbside Pickup is the most fresh lettuce, leafy greens and herbs you’ll ever have! However, if your order doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us and we’ll replace it for FREE!

Curbside Pickup


  • This is NOT a subscription…place a single order and you have a single pickup.
  • The order you place will be ready for pickup on the NEXT available day you selected (example: It is Wednesday afternoon and you want to schedule your pick up for a Wednesday…your order will apply to the Wednesday the following week). 
  • You can place your order until 11:59pm the day BEFORE your want your pickup (example: 11:59pm Monday night for a Tuesday pickup).
  • Orders NOT picked up within the requested pickup time will be forfeit and no reimbursement will be issued.

***Orders Must Be Placed By Midnight the night before. We Do Not Fulfill Same Day Orders ***

***Sales Tax Included In All Prices***

Assorted Living Lettuce

8-Heads of our Assorted Living Lettuce.


Assorted Lettuce 5oz Containers

6-containers of Assorted Lettuce


Crunchita Lettuce

6-Heads of Crunchita Lettuce…a Romaine Hybrid


Icicle Lettuce

6-Heads of our Icicle Lettuce.


Salad Trio Lettuce

6-Heads of our Salad Trio Lettuce….3 lettuce varieties growing on a single root


4-Pack Living Lettuce

4-Heads of lettuce….Green Butter, Red Butter, Icicle & Red Frisee


Living Basil – $19.99

1 LB of Living Basil

Living Spinach – $19.99

2 LB of Living Spinach

Living Watercress – $19.99

5 Heads of Living Herbs.

BEEF – Curbside Pickup ADD-ONs

***Bonner Farms products may ONLY be purchased with an order of Living Lettuce Curbside Pickup***

***Bonner Farms Beef Comes Frozen***

Bonner Farms is a 2,000+ acre cattle and grain farm located in Mantua, Ohio. All of our cattle are humanely raised on-site from birth. In the spring, summer and falls months they freely roam and graze on  of 500 of acres of pasture. During the winter months, all of our cattle are fed using corn and hay grown on the farm grown the previous season. 

All of our beef products are inspected by the department of agriculture and processed by state certified packing houses. All of our products come from Bonner Farms premium grade cattle and were raised specifically for their meat. All of the cattle are harvested in their prime only a few weeks before they arrive in your refrigerator. 

Strip Steaks

Two (2) Strip Steaks. Each steak weighs between 10oz & 11oz

$20.98 ($15.99 / Lb)

Filet Steaks

Two (2) Filet Steaks. Each steak weighs between 5oz & 6oz

$11.68 ($16.99 / Lb)

Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

Two (2) Bone-In Ribeye Steaks. Each steak weighs between 18oz & 20oz

$35.60 ($14.99 / Lb)

bone in ribeye steaks

Ground Beef Patties

Eight (8) 1/2 Lb Patties

$29.96 ($7.49 / Lb)

beef burger patties out of stock

Ground Beef Patties 24-Pack

Twenty Four (24) 1/2 Lb Patties

$79.99 ($6.67 / Lb)

beef burger patties out of stock

Small Beef Combo

Sixteen (16) 1/2 Lb Beef Patties PLUS Eight (8) 1-Lb Ground Beef Packages.

$105.85 ($6.61 / Lb)

Save $10.00

beef burger patties out of stock

4-Lb Ground Beef

Packaged in four (4) 1-Lb Packages

$27.96 ($6.99 / Lb)

20-Lbs Ground Beef

Packaged in twenty (20) 1-Lb Packages. SAVE $20

$119.80 ($5.99 / Lb)

Full Steer & 1/2 Steer Custom Cuts Available

$3.50 per pound hanging weight. Includes custom butchering, vacuum sealing and packaging. Please contact Great Lakes Growers at 440-834-0032

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Burton, Ohio 44021

John Bonner: Owner 
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Email: bonnerj@greatlakesgrowers.com